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by on Oct.20, 2012, under Derby

Update:  As if you couldn’t tell I am disappointed that FC got so close to champs and didn’t make it. However, the below post was made directly following the game in the heat of the moment. I won’t be giving up on FC any time soon nor will any of the items below be retired. Next year Fight Crew, next year!




So there have been a LOT of retirements this year and last year. Retirements from active team skating with various LADD teams. Fair enough. Modern derby is a very tough sport. I’ll miss everyone whether they’re from Fight Crew or not.

However, it seems it’s time for retirement for other things as well.

This shirt.


These shoes.


This jersey.


These (admittedly) NEW (for tonight) socks.


All seem to be ready for retirement seeing as they don’t help my team win. Mothballs here they come.

I guess it’s time I give up officially rooting for a single team and just embrace rooting for the whole league. I do that already, but it was always nice having FC as my primary. :( Sad panda.


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  • old guy

    So long as it’s retirement from only a few things, that’s OK. How’s house hunting going, haven’t heard anything lately on that front.


    You should try reverse psychology/superstition and wear those things and root for the team you (secretly) want to lose.

    Also, I expect a photo at the next game with you, since I’ll be dressed as Tina from Bob’s Burgers again BECAUSE OF YOU.

  • Little Kenny

    Hmmm, we’ll have to see about reversing the luck of the above. As for the picture, you bet! Oh, and Haaa, Haa! ;)

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