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North Meets South, or Roller Derby Double Header Night

by on Aug.17, 2013, under Derby

Looking forward to the event tonight. I have yet to have been to an ACDG game played at their home arena in Culver City. I’ll be remedying that tonight when I go to see the L.A. Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes challenge the Angel City Derby Girls Hollywood Scarlets to see who truly owns LA. As an added bonus the other game of the double header will bring the Peninsula Rollergirls down from my hometown of Redwood City to go up against the ACDG road team the Road Ragers. PRG is relatively new, only a few years old, and I’ve been wanting to see them play since I found out they started a league. Can’t wait.


Peninsula Roller Girls

Peninsula Roller Girls

Angel City Derby Girls Scarlets

Angel City Derby Girls Scarlets

L.A. Derby Dolls Riettes

L.A. Derby Dolls Riettes

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  • old guy

    I didn’t know we had a derby team to root for. Enjoy tonight.

  • Little Kenny

    We do. They have only been around a couple of years and they were playing a really good team so their overall performance was rough to put it nicely. They definitely have some work to do. Was fun seeing them though. When they first debuted they sold shirts and I had bought one so I was probably the only person there last night wearing their shirt that wasn’t family or friends.

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